Glorious running weather

I don't know how it is where you live but today was a great day to run. High 40s rising to the low 50s with a sunny sky and no wind.

I ran yesterday too in similar conditions but waited until it was warmer - late morning - to do six miles.

Anticipating a need to follow my own advice in a half marathon shared with Susie, I thought I should practice what I preach. On my six miler I ran three miles then raced the last three at 5K pace (or close to it).

Today I did the same thing except it was over 12.3 miles (9.3 + 3 fast). The Sunday running club was a chatty nine when we started and dwindled to three by the time I finished.

When I got home I lay on the bedroom floor with the blinds pulled back so I could soak the warmth of the bright sun as the dogs licked the salty sweat off my skin. I fell asleep after awhile and when I woke up to take a shower I came to realize that dog slobber actually leaves a coating on the skin that I suspect is a natural dressing [...and in a blatant effort to attract comments I am using the Runner Susan tactic of posting pet pictures].

If you are like me the three day work week coming up is going to be low impact brain exercise. I am looking forward to Thursday, the Turkey Trot 5K, Turkey Bowl cross country alumni tag football game and a fair amount of consumption.


Just12Finish said...

I know the feeling of falling asleep with the dogs snuggling but drooling all over you. Quite pleasent, even if it's actually gross. :)

Susan said...

Well it's gonna work cause that little pup is adorable!!!

Susan said...

Is that a little stuffed dog toy in the corner?

Did you post something about running?

ihateToast said...


no turkey trot in oz. i miss that. great way to start off the feeding frenzy.

and pet photos always decorate nicely.

tarheeltri said...

Hey, if you take the time to post a pic of the pup, well, you deserve a comment. Nice dog!

Bex said...

What a cutie! Looks like quite the charmer. Hmm. Maybe I'll post a photo of my dog as well. Couldn't hurt, right?!

The past three days have not been low-key, alas. Quite the opposite. I was actually in your neck of the woods on Monday (was going to give you a call, but I was in town less than 24 hours)for a story, then had to finish reporting and file the story today.