Back in the saddle again

It was actually moderately warm and humid yesterday when I met up with Rachel, Cathy, Bob, Dave, Gary and Marty for our Sunday morning long runs. I almost left the shirt in the car but opted to stay decent for a change.

We took the 10-mile course around town. Marty dropped out at four miles. Gary turned off at six. Dave turned around at seven leaving me with the girls and Bob. We had a fun time running in alternating pairs, chatting a little.

The ladies are training for Disney and will also run the OUC Half on December 2 which I plan to do too.

I pushed their paces on the back four miles which they appreciated. I couldn't believe how good I felt. The ten went down like a banana split. Mmmm. I haven't had one of those in a long time.

I will resume my training regimen with speed work on Tuesdays and tempos on Thursdays. There're some races to get ready for. IMG Georgia on March 25 seems to have some strong appeal. Any takers? (Runner Susan and Rachel have already spoken up)

Celebration. About 2 pm I headed up to where the cross country team was prepping for their parade. Windows were being painted. Signs and banners hung from cars and trucks. Flags, balloons, streamers, etc. About 60 cars wound their way through town for an hour and ended up at my friend's house for a party.

I was designated chef since my friend's hubby had an uncompromising obligation that took him away from the party. I cooked about 100 burgers on the grill while the coach and several kids got thrown in the pool and otherwise had a good time.

Sleep. I knew it would happen. I was sitting here last night about 730 reading blogs and my eyes kept closing. I went to bed at 745 and slept for 11 hours. Now I have a serious case of bed head and eyes that are "glued" shut. But, boy, do I feel good now.


susie said...

What fun and what a good reason to celebrate. Glad you caught up on your sleep, silly. You may need more of those.

Just12Finish said...

You had to mention banana splits. How the hell and I going to go to sleep now w/o one?!

Susan said...

I think I read somewhere that Neece was going to run ING too.

Sleep. I'm usually not a good sleeper, but for some reason I've become a pro lately. Must be the time change.

Rae said...

Yay!! It sounds like there's going to be a great RBF meetup in Georgia!!

jeanne said...

I was sitting at my desk today, writing some compelling piece, and i literally fell asleep. While I was writing.

gee, that's gonna be some good read.