Did somebody say fat?

What happened to me this week? Who knows. I skipped running Tuesday for the sake of more sleep. I told myself I'd do it Wednesday.
This morning it was raining so I opted instead to go to the fitness center; but I read the paper too long, had to take out the garbage, walk the dogs, etc. so put my workout duds in the car for an after work workout.
Come whistle time and my good buddy Doug - who I haven't tipped a beer with in four months -calls and we end up at the pub instead of the fitness center.
I got home around 800 and weighed myself - before dinner - and was shocked to see the scales read out eight pound more than I like. Holy donkey poop balls.
I did pick up my half marathon packet today and bought some Cliff Blocks. Does that count for anything good?


Susan said...

Pubs are more fun than fitness centers. You're ready and you'll be fine.

Didn't we have this fat conversation once before? Again David, don't make me hurt you.

Just12Finish said...

Time to recalibrate the scales. Beer and donkey poop balls can't weigh that much.

21st Century Mom said...

OINK! hahahaha... welcome to the holidays.

I'm with just12finish - reset the scale :-)

Rae said...

You are going to do great this weekend!! Enjoy the race!