First let me say that I must not have as active a life as the rest of you. I thought I was plenty dang busy over Thanksgiving break but I still found plenty of time to visit the blogs to see what you folks were doing. Crickets.

Well I raced and ate Thursday.

Went to the car show on Friday. Mrs. T wants the new VW convertible, the Eos, badder than she wants anything else about now. Son T wants his Sentra back in 18 months. Son C wants his first car - and not just any car - to impress the world. I just need to get to work and back. I may be heavy into the car buying business over the next two years. Ugh.

Saturday was a lazy day with some football watching.

Sunday I ran long with nine other folks. Just about all of them are in training for this Saturday's half marathon so the run was serious. I set my watch on timer/repeat so I could track 9:50 easy pace miles. I hit them perfectly for 8 miles then dropped the pedal and raced to the finish over the last two miles. Covered the full 10 in 1:37.

I am looking forward to the race. After my good showing in the 5K on Thursday I am hopeful for a strong performance over the longer distance. I'll be shooting for a PR to beat whatever the time is over there on the right margin.

Tuesday I'll do some speedwork and not much else before Saturday. I have to go out of town at the end of the week.

I hope you're all fat and happy from the holiday. It'll tide you over until Jon comes back online.


Running Rabbit said...

Fat yes! Happy...once I am back running againg! :-)

21st Century Mom said...

Fat? You betcha! Happy? Only when I'm not shivering.

Just12Finish said...

1:50 half mary is a pretty sweet time. Good luck on the PR this weekend!

Rae said...

You are going to do GREAT this weekend!

Susan said...

Badder is a neat word. It's kinda like funner which isn't really a word and is my new favorite word to say. Anyone who wants a car badder - should have it I say.

I can't figure out why people are just typing fat. But okay, I'll play. Fat yes, I got fat.

I really need to stop commenting on blogs at 4AM.

Joe said...

David, so glad to see how well you are running...excellent PR in the 5K...solid pacing all along.

Hope the half goes well Saturday for you!!

susie said...

Tell you what...you race this weekend and send all your speed to me for mine. I'm going to need it since I can't use my stupid Shuffle.

Bex said...

I'm back! No more crickets. Good Luck in tomorrow's race. You're going to do great. Think, "PR, here I come!"