Forever run

I did my Thursday 4-mile tempo run in 34 minutes which felt like hell uphill. The only solace was that I realized my next run, a long run of 10 miles this weekend, will be along the lakeshore of Lake Michigan in Chicago in low 70 degree temps and low humidity. Then it'll be as good or cooler in Rhode Island next week. Ahhhhh.
Then I remembered the inclines of RI and felt the false flat of Florida under my feet and realized I will struggle with that for a few days too. (False flat is a Jank term I will never forget.)
This is the least prepared I have been for a summer vacation in four years. I have made no plans, done no googling for things to do, and have not even begun to pack. I leave tomorrow midday. I have contacted the Running Chicks et al but made no firm date to meet up. I have made a packing list but cannot remember what it was today I meant to add to the list.
Oh; and today there was a hastily called press conference in front of our building by a disgruntled former employee who was making complaints of racial discrimination. That took up four hours of my day in research, prep, coaching and follow through to give the other side of the story to our hoards of media with no car crashes or hurricanes to cover.
I am happy to be home and have no appointments until dinner tomorrow night. Ahhhhh.


susie said...

It sounds like you are ready for vacation, even if you are not prepared. Your legs will find the comfortable zone again--Gounod and the long hill up Wagner will feel like home.

Susan said...

I think your vacation will make you run even faster - although it didn't work for me.

neese said...

have a nice vacation!
and a good run this weekend.

Running Rabbit said...

Enjoy the R&R for the time being!

Lara said...

I've got to imagine that running in the 70-80 degree temps will feel blissful for you - even on hills. Enjoy your vacation.

Jank said...

I promise - no press conferences up here!

Anonymous said...

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