Down South again

Vacation ended way too soon but that is probably good news for my running. I ate way too much, ran less and less and developed a "who cares?" attitude. So it was with much self-pushing that I went out for a track workout yesterday.
The plan called for 6x800. I did four, surprisingly at the same pace as the last time I did 800s. Then the humidity chewed at my thighs and I compromised to do a pair of 400s to see how I felt after that. They were okay but you could see the entrails of my energy dragging behind me. So I finished with a 200 and walked home. So much for sustained stamina.
I did agree to go for a 10-miler Saturday morning with two of my principal running pals who are training for Chicago. I think we're using the same training plan so they're always a week ahead of me. I'm supposed to go 13 this weekend, them 10. If I feel fine after the 10 I'll challenge myself for more.
Vacation was very relaxing. I got to see Susie a few times, plus Jank and April Anne. My staff was ecstatic that I did not email them all week. They think now there is hope for me. I kinda agree. Last night I booked flights back to New England for Labor Day Weekend. Is anybody going to New Haven?


Running Rabbit said...

Don't vacations always end too soon? :-(

Michelle said...

see you in new haven!!

Joggerblogger said...

We don't usually suffer with the humidity over in the UK, but the heat wave we are in the middle of has given us the hottest summer on record and also the joys of the hot and humid run.

I went out the other lunchtime, and found out by mistake how hard the humidity makes a run! It felt like I hadn't run for about a month.

Really enjoy reading your blog and thought I'd say hi. :-)

jeff said...

vacation ends so quickly, but it sounds like it was a worthwhile and much needed one. welcome home.

Susan said...

Welcome home David.

april anne said...

Hooray! I’ll be there. Now, we just need to get Susie a ticket too.