Well the best was last: school is O-U-T. No more students misbehaving or teachers losing their cool...at least until summer school starts. I'm taking a 4-day weekend at the beach with plenty of doing nothing and running. Want to come?
Earlier this week, I went for a light run then succumbed to what I thought would be delightful:
A massage. Wednesday night I went in for a 60-minute massage by a highly recommended specialist. The experience was quite nice and S. truly manipulated every muscle so that they were no longer knotted or clicking over bone. Every crackling pocket of lactic acid was annihilated. Every part of me was treated to the full treatment. My favorite places where I asked her to linger were my formerly frozen left shoulder, my hands and my feet. Ahhhhhh.
After an hour she said I should drink a lot of water. I assured her I would. I drank well Wednesday night. I slept solidly without waking until 645 on Thursday.
I could not move. I was a slug when I woke up. I could not make it move. A run was out of the question. I was sore in a strange kind of way. It wasn't painful but I was bruised. What a workout I had had. I was an hour late for work and no less than three people had been looking for me since 0800. Well one day in nine months isn't too bad. I'll try not to let it happen again.
It took me until 200 before I regained any semblance of body and mind control. Thank goodness I didn't have anything serious to deal with.
Today I ran a very easy three miles. It was not so easy but I look at it as a base to regain the form I had before the massage. Who ever heard of a massage just beating the crap out of you?
I look forward to some barefoot running on the beach this weekend, That'll help me set a monthly mileage record.
Have a Happy Memorial Day.


beverly said...

I had a 2-hour massage on my trip a couple of weeks ago that was exactly how you described. I felt bruised, as if my body had been through a ringer. I was amazed that I paid big bucks to feel so worn out!

Enjoy your beach time!

The Envious Canadian

brent said...

hmmm weird! i've never had a massage though so maybe its always like that? hmmm.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I think it may depend on the massage. I think a sports massage will beat you up a bit but in a good way. Those extra tense muscles that are tired from working out may need a little beating up to break the muscle spasms that make them sore.

I think a relaxation massage will not leave you as sore, since I've had those without feeling wiped the next day.

Really want to get a good sports massage myself though. Got that kinked shoulder and sore shins that need a serious working on.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Thanks for the offer, sure wish I could join you at the beach. I miss the ocean. Oh well, enjoy!

Wil said...

I'm so jealous that school is out for you already! We have another week to go.


Also ridiculously jealous of your beach vacation. I can't wait to get out to the ocean - until then, living vicariously through you!

Bex said...

I just had a 1-hour massage, and I hear you on being bruised. But damn, it felt good to get those knots on my back worked on. Great running, by the way.