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Yes I did run last week - twice in fact. How well did I do? Well let's just say there was serious pilot error by the guy pressing the buttons on the Polar and both times he managed to lose the file which had the details. Let's not go into how that happened. Presume I was having a Mia Goddess kind of week.
How did I feel (which is probably more to the point)? I loved running both times. I ran easily both times. I ran four miles both times. I had good vibes both times. Then ...
Thursday I stood up after a meeting and felt an immediate pain in the ball of my left foot. I've had it before and it's weird. If I try to walk normally it hurts. If I favor it it's okay. If I use my toes to grip the ground and push off it feels better and doesn't hurt as much. So I walked funny the rest of the day, went to bed and woke up Friday having forgotten my foot hurt. Strange. It went away.

Tomorrow I'm off to the beach for some barefoot running. It should be a beautiful sunny day. I hope yours is satisfying too.


Wil said...

Have a great run, and watch out for shells, glass and other little run monkeys ;)

Mia Goddess said...

Hey!! That's too funny. I've actually had to stop myself from writing the last couple of days because everything I say lately comes out as *whine whine whine*. Oh well! Maybe I should call my blog "What Not To Do"!

It's raining here today but it's my run day, and even though I've been suffering lately (presume it was a Mia Goddess kind of week for me too!) I'm going no matter what. Have a great run!
- Mia