Barefoot Long-boy

Happy Mothers Day. That salute to all you hard working overwrought mommy runners out there in Bloggyland. If you didn't have a good day today there is something seriously wrong going on and you need to make it known.
My Day. I performed all the obilgatory good deeds today to keep me a father/husband in good standing. I fixed banana pancakes with bacon and organic drip coffee for everyone. We drove to the beach (actually the 17 year old drove to the beach; his first foray on the big highways). I read the paper while being driven so that I would not freak out and overcorrect every driving indiscretion. That's what moms are for, no matter what day it is.
Before the beach we stopped for vittles from Publix - a trio of Ultimate sub sandwiches. Once at the beach we picked a nice quiet spot where no voices overrode the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. We ate fairly soon since it was midday. After a spell I suggested a walk.
Shuttle Still Standing. We walked a mile+ down to the steel cable fence on the beach within a half mile of the Space Shuttle Discovery. The bird was supposed to go up in about 10 days but has been postponed until July when I'll be up north. She was still on the launch pad and looking like she'd be taking the shuttle shuttle back to the Vehicle Assembly Building fairly soon. It is still a way cool site to see, sitting there pointing to where few of us will ever go.
By the time we reached the shuttle my lunch had digested and so I bid adieu to the mother and son to take my barefoot long run.
Barefoot Long-boy. It was 10 minutes back to our chairs so I dialed in my mind to go for a 30 minute north and back jog for a total of 70 minutes. I set that as my goal. Having never gone that far barefoot before I was wary but feeling the call of fellow RBFers to set high goals and overachieve them.
The first mile was the toughest. The sand was soft and full of shells. The tide was starting to come in so I had to run sideways on a steep grade. I didn't mind the occasional wave washing over my feet; in fact, that was a highlight. Dodging the occasional 2-4 year old was tricky and keeping an eye out for the fishermen's near-invisible nylon lines out into the surf offered another hazard. Once I passed the populated beach zone I was into an area that was virtually vacant. Last summer's hurricanes had rendered the boardwalks impassable so no one could get there without a long walk. I had flat firm sand and nothing but sunshine and surf. It brought up memories of the barren beach that is a haven for plovers across the dunes from Quonochontaug Pond in Rhode Island.
Anyway, I was cruising along and ran into another patch of people and soft sand. The camber was not so bad and I started imagining how my legs, knees and feet would feel when I turned around, changing the stress points on my muscles and joints.
At 30 minutes out I did a U-turn and was pleased to be running into the breeze now. That would be good for perspiration evaporation. The change I felt in my legs et al was immediate on the new slope. I went tenderly for awhile to let them adjust. When I hit the wide open stretch on the way back I was moving along like the world was all mine. The last mile in the shelly, sloped soft stuff was not as fun. My lower back ached from the soft footing adjustments I had to make. When I got back to my part of the beach I was very pleased to have made the distance without sanding my foot and toe soles down to the quick. My legs were a little stiff but I stood in the waves drinking a bottle of water and let the waves massage my calves. Once I recovered fully I lay down on the bedsheet and closed my eyes. The sound of the waves was enough to wash all negative thoughts from my head.
Gone Home. Unfortunately the mom and son were tired of waiting around for my return and wanted to go home. So we did. Once there I fixed burgers on the grill and had a nice cold beer to wash it down.
The grand finale: a heaping bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
How was your day? Can you top mine?


Wil said...

AWESOME day!!! Thanks for the mommy day wishes, too. I had a blast today (well, aside from the vultures - lol), breakfast, flowers, and lots of hugs and kisses.

And I love the waves detail of your post - I'm so jealous! I'd love to live near the ocean...someday.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Okay I didn't have banana pancakes or ice cream but I did have an awesome mother's day with my family. Visit my blog to read about or 3 generation - 5k race.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

No way can I top that day. Sounds like a perfect day to me. But banana pancakes? Hmmmmm...

Noames said...

No. I had a lovely weekend, but no. No way could my day top that.

Glad you had such a lovely day and took such good care of the mom in your family!

Mia Goddess said...

That would be tough to beat. It sounds heavenly.

susie said...

Sounds like a nearly *perfect* day. I have had perfect days like that,and they are pretty special.

frolicking filly said...

sounds like the best day ever!!! Thx for the mom's Day wishes

Rachel said...

Awesome day! I don't think I can top that... Went to Epcot's flower & garden fest with my mother and father, and that was pretty fun-- drank German beer and ate a bratwurst while strolling around admiring the different displays... but not nearly as fun as the beach... and running...