Found my Hot Weather Run Zone

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Went downtown to see who was running at 0700, the usual start time for area running club folks.
A big crowd was exhibiting its parallel parking skills on Park Avenue.
Lots of fit runners were stretching and chatting.
A group of five fasty men took off and I thought I would pace along.
That lasted about 2 miles so I settled into my own pace and took in the sights.
8.1 miles - not quite the 15K I promised Pam - put me back on the avenue in 1:13.33.
Pace was just over 9/min mile. Heat, humidity and sun are beginning to rise ever so slightly.
I felt great and just might go back out again tonight. We'll see.
I hope your run was fun today.

At 4pm I broke down and had a hot fudge double sundae with chocolate chip ice cream and drumstick ice cream. Mmmmmmm. Heavenly.


susie said...

Hot fudge sundae on a steaming day....yum!

Wil said...

Nice job on the run! I never seem to have a problem running in the cold (amazing that I whine about it so much!), but the heat always gets to me for some reason - probably don't drink enough.

That sundae sounds way too good!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a good run, and a well-deserved dessert... Hope to be out there myself sometime later this summer...