Spring training/break/reunion over ... finally

I am looking forward to tomorrow night. The last of the spring break visitors will have left and I will be back to the peace and pace that may allow me to return to better training, running, eating, racing, drinking, sleeping and blogging.

It's been a long two weeks.

Our last houseguest is the young Frenchman who is son T's age. He is the son of Mrs. T's pen pal from 9th grade French class. Mrs. T and her pen pal visited each other over the years and in 1983 sent each other letters at the same time declaring their recent pregnancies. G and T were born within a month of each other and have been friends a long time.

I have spent the last week explaining the stupidity of adults and students who did crazy things in the week before public school spring break (this coming week). Likewise, I entertained G at an NBA game (Magic-Spurs) and a college tennis match between nationally ranked #3 Lynn and #7 Rollins and a college spring exhibition soccer match. I also took him as my sidekick to the college reunion events. Mrs. T had to manage the busy museum most of the weekend but we ran into her a few times.

For my 35th reunion nobody from my class showed up! The college was not officially observing it but I saw plenty of people I know.

Then there was the birthday party for a good friend I've known for 20 years; and the online drafts for my fantasy baseball teams (three of them).

The 10K Race. I missed five training runs while spring break was going on. Too many distractions. I slipped in a few speed work sessions to keep the speed up plus one long run last Sunday but otherwise, I lost my mojo. I also put on some weight with all the eating and drinking that accompanied the breaker activities.

It was about 63 degrees at the start. I was in the 8-minute pace zone with a few pals I knew. The start was clean. The jockeying required in the first mile was not too bad. I put forth a pace of 8:05-8:10 through the first three miles. I kept up the 8-ish pace through miles 4 and 5 but stopped for water in both miles which cost me about 15-20 seconds. By the sixth mile the sun was rising and I was overheating so stripped off my shirt.

I slowed down too much, coming to the 6-mile clock in about 8:30 and then kicked it in at a decent pace to finish in 52:11.

The Bad - I did not break my 50-minute goal. I lost my stamina.
The Good - It was my fourth best 10K. I was 17th out of 66 in my age group. I saw Maddy plus a lot of my Central Florida running pals and acquaintances.
The Most Fun - watching the Kids Runs: 3 and unders, 5-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds. Cute.

After the race I weighed myself and was four pounds heavier than I expected to be after the effort. That's probably why I didn't have the speed. Too much partying in this boy.


Maddy said...

It was great seeing you yesterday!

All of the first mile jockeying must have been left to us in the 9 minute pace group.

The funny thing about guests, we love it when they come and can't wait for them to leave.

Things will be back to normal before you know it - and then school will start again and then it'll be crazy again!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Hi there!
Just found your blog.
52.11 is still awesome, considering you missed a b unch of workouts:) Congrats.

I bet watching the kiddies run would be fun!

Just12Finish said...

That's still a really good time for all the high-falutin' livin'

Servidores said...

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Rae said...

Wow! You have been busy!! That's a great race time, esp with all you have going on!

jeanne said...

seriously, servidor. we're just sayin'.

i would of course, kill for that 10k time. I would apparently do anything except actually train for it.

you rule!