Slacking Hard

Well I can tell you this: not getting up to run in the morning can be habit forming. After Saturday's race I went - as I always do since I attend the Lady of the Long Run Cathedral - downtown on Sunday for the scheduled service. I had seen my principal friends at the race on Saturday and offered to run with them Sunday. I met them both at 0700 and they told me they were going a longer different route than I envisioned. Both were training up for marathons (Oklahoma City?).

So I joined my usual crowd and slackered off with most every one of them to do just six miles. It was a stout six miles but that's all I wanted to put in.

Since then? Crickets.

Who cares?

Not me. It's my spring break and I have things to do: fix the cars, do some spring cleaning, get to know my fantasy baseball teams, watch baseball and Champions League soccer matches, etc.
No running here. It's all "home" work and goofing off. Why run? It's been a grueling stretch since July, prepping for NYC then Ft Lauderdale, and the 10K.

What I really need to do is catch up on sleep and I am not really doing enough of that. There are nine weeks left of school. Summer vacation looms.

Hello Rhode Island.


Runner Susan said...

When do we need to start our Chicago training again? Didn't you volunteer to be my coach for this marathon too?

robtherunner said...

9 weeks left of school. I can't believe it is almost over. Sounds like you have the right idea about spring break.

SCMorgan said...

Rhode Island. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Just12Finish said...

You've done some hard time - rest up b4 the next round of racing starts up.

Darrell said...

If this is spring break, what was last week? Enjoy the slacking, we all deserve some every once in a while.