Hello again

I have been away. Away from my blog yet still commenting around the land. It was a curious lull.

Jon (from) Michigan commented on Susie's blog recently about bloggers falling like flies or something like that. It got me thinking. Where have all my old blogging buddies gone? Why did they tail off and leave? Will they make it to Jon's Dead Blogger postings?
  • There was Sweet Sarah who really did Run Away From It All, from CT to Seattle, and dropped out in April of 2006.
  • Beverly who took One Step at a Time stopped stepping in October.
  • The Running Red Sox Fan went down in October too and never came back after the Hartford Marathon.
  • April Anne is still around but not writing.
  • Naomi went to Africa and posts when the electricity is working.
  • Oldman moved to Philly, went back to Florida and I haven't read him since.
  • Running Rabbit stopped hopping.
  • Thank goodness Lara came back from a hiatus.
  • Dianna and jeff have become lighter writers.
  • And then Susie Finally Stopped Writing. That was the hardest to take. She brought me into this world and now she has left for awhile. Very sad.
What's this blog world coming to?

I appreciate my current crop of friends and neighbors that populate Bloglines with their latest accounts. It's nice to make new friends, to hear encouraging words, coaching and crazy stories. But when you've been here for three years or so and your baptismal pals die off, it starts to make you wonder.

Thank you Jon, my longest running runner blogger; and to my long standing favorites: Runner Susan, Jeanne, Bex, Mia and Michelle. Everyone else who writes, reads and comments - thank you too. Please stay and make yourself comfortable.

I ran 10 miles last Sunday with the fast crowd. I promoted myself to push myself to be faster and fitter. I ran faster than ever before and know I could have gone even faster.

There's a 5K this Saturday. I hope to smoke it but it may require the fires in Georgia and Florida to blow their smoke the other way for a few hours. Where's a good hurricane when you need one?


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Very sad to see all those on the list that just stopped. I know the reasons behind some, but others just stopped. And Kathy from Pounding Pavement? I think her blog has been taken down.

But then again there are running bloggers who evolved into something else. Look at Chris Brogan. I remember when Chris was training for that marathon up the side of mountain. Now look at him. He's got multiple websites and run PodCamp and posts about 5 times a day with serious content, not just silliness about chocolate.

Joe said...

Good point, David.

I've written a professional blog (Learning about Lean) for nearly six years now. At times, I go dry. At times, I have run out of gas to just battle the silliness of html and Blogger and other technical nuttiness. But I come back to it.

I suspect it might be the same for others. Yet I can understand your sadness at those good writers not writing.

The only constant is change???

Cool run...good for you. I like the wordplay of "smoking" the 5K, despite the wildfires...

Keep writing... I will too.

Darrell said...

You make me wonder - do blogs have life expectancies? Is their disappearing just part of the collective attention deficit disorder that this change crazy society seems to foster? Maybe its just a matter of priorities, I don't know. It's all part of the ebb and flow I suppose.

Good luck with the 5K.

Jank said...

April Anne's been writing again lately.

But it's weird to see blogs come and go. My touchstone has been Sean Lloyd, who looked like he was going to take off again this year, but seems to have dropped off again.

Molly said...

I just hope you keep blogging! It has been a joy and an inspiration to read your posts.

I heard that there has already been some type of tropical storm activity out in the gulf recently....you may just get your wish :)

Runner Susan said...

I miss Susie too - it's hard to be just half a gemini - She'll be back soon enough I hope. And the world will be right again.

Neese said...

heck David I'm sitting here with my feet propped up on your blog coffee table, I'm not leaving anytime soon

Lara said...

It's so weird how, when you fall away from it, it seems impossible to get back. And when you're back, you can't imagine why you left. Kind of like home.

Maddy said...

I was afraid I would scroll to the bottom of your post to see that you were closing shop.

I'm glad to see you will still be around blogging.

Like Joe, I maintain a professional blog. I think it's easier to continue blogging when you continue blogging. My runnng blog doesn't require any research and that makes it fun for me.

Did you Run for the Trees Yesterday? It wasn't smokey yesterday morning.

I'm thinking about the Spring Fling 5k in Leesburg next Saturday.

Congrats on getting faster and fitter!

Rhea said...

I'm still here! I was gone for a few weeks, but now I'm back. Lots of stuff going on here. New job. Travel. Moving to Southern California. Piano practice.

But slowly getting back to running. Doing a 3K this Sunday. I hope to see you in another race soon!

jeanne said...

awww, thanks. i'm glad you're not going anywhere. no more long breaks for you without advance notice, please! us mothers, we worry.

i think about giving up my blogging habit, but then, where would I get my monthly .25 for a bag of pretzels?

jeanne said...

don't forget Bob! A passion for running (or something like that). Chicago guy. Face like a dog.

I miss him.