Tide going out

I still am down three computers which has contributed to my recent funk. One of them - according to my Tech-man - is sufferening from some gagging software condition caused by my recent upgrade download of Norton Antivirus. And I paid good money for that!!? Wait 'til I get that customer service rep on the phone.

I have missd quite a few runs too. I ave totally skipped running on Tuesdays the last three weeks. I did some speedwork at the track way back when but I have been lazy and undisciplined. I manage to get a late week run in every week ... except this week (one last chance tomorrow) .... The race and abbreviated long run last weekend were my last highlights.

School is almost out for us. All the high school graduations have been going on this week. Maybe I am just ready for it to be over. Before we can rest the state test scores come out next week an then the school grades next month. Always a period of high anxiety.

I have not slept well in a long time either. Having #2 son home from college is contributing to the disturbed nights. He's on Hawaiian time, running about seven hours behind the rest of us.

I lie in bed and try to remember all the visual sights of the Marine Corps Marathon last October. I usually doze back off before I get to the Kennedy Center.

Too much rambling. Keep reading and writing. This is the neighborhood park for stories. Join in.


Darrell said...

Not much running for me these days either. Except, rather than reflecting back on Marine Corps, I'm anticipating getting started training for it. I can already hardly wait.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I hate Norton. I bought it and installed it and after running it for a day I uninstalled it and threw it in the trash. Total junk. McAfee rules.

Neese said...

agh no computers puts me in a funk too!

jeanne said...

aw, i remember our day together (OK morning) like it was...um, just last October! I'm glad thinking of my town helps you go to sleep. But sorry you are not sleeping. And there's nothing worse than computer-funkiness.

Has anyone mentioned POWERBOOK to you lately?

hang in.

Rich said...

Forget MCM and start visualizing NYC!

Joe said...

Bummer on no sleep. Have a good friend who is a teacher here and she's not sleeping either...pressure of end of year stuff too. so sorry to hear.

I've had better luck with Webroot Spy Sweeper than Norton...FWIW.

Hang in there...better days will come!! And better computers :-)

Jank said...

Hawaii, huh? Man, I thought I was slick picking San Antoino. Smart kid, that one.

Lara said...

Hopefully once all of the school responsibilities are finished you'll be able to find your rhythm again. And computer trouble gets me so balled up! It disturbs me how much I've come to rely on it.