Winter Break

The weather sucks. The most poignant comment anybody has written lately - that penetrated my head - is what Runner Susan wrote Friday, "Summer tan: Faded." You got that right. I haven't even seen the sun and this is Florida! Plus it's been rainy, dreary and way too much like Connecticut (plus 30 degrees). I kept an eye on Super Doppler 2 before I went out Saturday, to see if I could find a dry patch. Alas, it lasted about 5 minutes.I ran five miles in what was a steady drizzle. Managed 9:00 miles. I still have an issue with my left ankle. I am hopeful Sunday's 18 miler will not be complicated.

I went to watch Syriana Saturday afternoon. Good grief. I am sure there's a grain of reality in there about the corruption of power at the highest levels. Makes me want to crawl under a rock - or go run. I'll try B for now.

The "kid" I write about in my profile on the right comes home Sunday. He's been at West Point since June. He looks good in pictures. I just hope he'll allow me to drive my car once in awhile while he's home. The man will have some "appointments," you know.

Three are true. Two are false.
1. My dad is a priest. True - My dad is an Episcopalian priest which makes me a PK which I used liberally as my excuse for rebel behaviour in my youth; which is not to say my youth is over or that I am not still rebellious.
2. I immigrated with my family from Ireland. False - My dad immigrated from Wales at the age of 25.
3. I skipped fifth grade, with an IQ of 140.
4. I can wiggle my ears.
5. I attended seminary in Berkeley, Calif. True - The Pacific School of Religion held my attention for one semester back in the early 70s. Actually the San Francisco Giants held my attention more and I chose a career in sports instead. Hey; sports is a religion, sort of. Look at us devoted runners.


Susan said...

So you insist on tormenting us longer . . . so, so unfair.

Sports, yes, I agree - but, don't forget shopping - the mall is occasionally my church.

Have fun with profile kid - he sure looks happy in that picture.

brent said...

its in the single digits here today: unfortunately i can't relate to your complaining at all, suck it up! :) i would die for 40 degrees and cloudy right now.