Return to Regulary Scheduled Running

Regular is the key word I guess; not that I wasn't yesterday before the run. So as to not confuse anyone with a popular topic on R. Susan's site, we'll move on now.

Today was to be a light run of three miles. I added an extra mile and did it as a tempo run. I was laying some tracks pretty well out there in 10K pace time. It went by so quickly.

What I think I spent more time on today was stretching. I have been experiencing increased pain in my lower back when I stand up straight, first thing in the morning and after my runs. I used to get away with minimal-to-no stretching before I ran (based on something I read somewhere that said it wasn't quite so vital). I always stretch afterwards. With all the miles I am doing now I thought it wise to stretch beforehand all the time. It seems to help so far although it pinches on my waking hours before work.

More strict attention to doing upper body work in the garage on Monday and Friday are important too. I just hope the unheated garage holds enough daytime warmth to get me through the winter months.

Here are some survey questions: Who has put up their Christmas tree (assuming you are going to put one up)? Is it real or fake? Who decorates it in your house? Who takes down the decorations?


Mia Goddess said...

Yeah, stretching, that's a good reminder. I also am finally going to get a massage! I've never had one, but my lower back and right leg/hip have been suffering during runs enough that I'm still feeling it after runs and just walking around. Something's got to give!

Our house: no tree yet, hopefully this weekend; real, always; husband puts on the lights, Tommy and I decorate; I take it down/put everything away ~ of course! :)

Tammy said...

Static stretching before activity is not a good idea. It takes your muscles about an hour to recover from a long stetch. Warmup type stretches are ok... just not static.

Will you all stop talking about your "runs"? It has new meaning after the last post. Hehe.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Someone told me that tight hamstrings can cause lower back pain in runners. Not sure if its true.

We put up our fake tree already. Its a tradition to do it after Thanksgiving dinner.

Susan said...

That's why I like you bestest - you call me popular (whereas, Bolder calls me a comment whore.)

Our tree is up, my husband has the Menorah tied to the top and my hippy parents have put their pagan twitches underneath.

The holidays around here are interesting to say the least.

jeff said...

tree up and decorated here!

smsmh does all the christmatizing of the house, and this year it looks awesome. i'll take some shots this weekend and post 'em.

i, too, am a pre-run non stretcher. i do all my stretching after the run and in the evenings before bed and while in the shower in the morning.

christine said...

does the x-mas box hauled in from storage count? stretching in the shower is the best (efficient too!)

Rae said...

4 Trees, finally up! It's a joint effort, we are a 100% equal opportunity house. I still don't have the garland on the fireplace or stairwells, and the Christmas cards are still cozy in their box.

All this running has made my muscles tight, too! I'm going to have to up my yoga/stretching program as well.

Just12Finish said...

I have a pre-run stretching routine that would probably give the running gods a heart attack, but I've never had any problems so I supersticiously keep doing it the same way! Takes all of 2 mins I think.

Fake tree goes up over Thanksgiving break, otherwise it may never make it up. Yours truly is in charge.