Bonk Day

I bonked today. I skipped the run because (a) it was raining, (b) I was sleeping, (c) I had an early meeting and (d) I stayed up too late watching my new favorite TV show, Runway, on Bravo. What a riot. It's a cross between Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, MTV's Real World and The Weakest Link. Show hostess is preggo Heidi who bids losers goodbye with some German brush off. I must say it is comical to see a pregnant woman being a hard ass heartless critic. And the designs were a curious mix of styles that even had my 17-year old son glued to the tube (Well. he did get the second most votes for Mr. Stylin' 2005 at school).

So tomorrow I'll run instead of rest. The skies have cleared and I will get more sleep tonight.


susie said...

You deserve a bonk day. No doubt that cutie got all those votes. I'm not surprised. Sleep well.

Susan said...

Hh good god man - now you're talking my language. Soon you will be seduced by the fabrics as well. A run missed for fashion is a run that deserves to be missed.

Run for Chocolate said...

Oh, I have been sucked in by those reality shows more than once. I have also had the abdominal woes you have described previously, they are quite embarrassing!