Water Runner

I have just realized my three most recent runs of distinction all involved four different bodies of water. Two weekends ago I ran barefoot on the beach with my son C. The water and beach were courtesy of the U.S. Government and the Atlantic Ocean. Last weekend I ran the sand packed roads of Windermere in the Run Among the Lakes 5K. It wound around the shores of three spring fed Florida lakes and I retired to a convention/resort hotel pool afterwards to have coffee and sunbathe. Today I pulled out my handy Running In Florida book that details popular running sites everywhere in the state and headed out to run the trail along the Little Econlockhatchee River.
It was about 9 miles from the house and the book suggested that I'd want to run the whole length of the trail (4.1 miles) and back simply because of its tranquil beauty. I pulled in to the parking lot and after a stretch as long as it takes to play U2's It's A Beautiful Day I was off and running - in the wrong direction. The river was right there for awhile and then I was turning away and circling a YMCA. Okay; maybe that's part of it. Then I was running the trail along the backside of a high school. Finally I was on the backside of a neighborhood and out of asphalt at a main road. Hmmmn. I turned around and went back wondering where the river went. By the time I returned to the car I'd gone 40 minutes and decided to go for 20 more. Now I have to go back again and see what I missed. I love the anticipation.
So when all was said and done I sat down and did my cross country team trained stretches and pondered the rest of the day. It was 920 and I was already 10% of the way towards the beach so ... why not go the rest of the way? Did I have lotion? beach sheet? money? No. Yes. Yes. Good enough. I stopped for some sunscreen and a paper, hit the beach and listened to the ocean rythmically lap the shore. It was a welcome respite from the week's anxieties.
Sadly, when I came home there was more shenanigans to deal with. Two administrators were busted for soliciting sex last night at midnight; and three high school teens were in a one car accident at 245am, killing the driver. Nothing good ever happens after midnight away from home. Remember that.
I hope you're home and going to bed so you can get up and run for fun tomorrow.


Wil said...

Wow. This was a powerful entry.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

See, if I had run the wrong way, I'd be grumpy and disgusted and would have stomped home. Maybe the beach was a much better idea.

Can believe the back luck at the school. Soliciting sex? I sure as heck hope it didn't involve the students.

Rachel said...

Yow! I saw that story about the administrators (wasn't one of them an elementary school teacher?) and the prostitute on the news. I can't believe you have to deal with that!

Are you talking about the Little Econ trail? I've still not been there. I tried Blanchard Park recently but it seemed pretty crowded. we do have some amazing paths in Florida. I need to get ahold of that guidebook...