Barefoot Shuttle

I went to the beach today with my 17 year old son to soak up the warm sunshine. I was also interested in seeing what was left of the barrier beach at the Canaveral National Seashore after last summer's hurricanes. We zipped over so quickly I was surprised how soon we were there. I stopped at Publix for a pair of subs/hoagies/grinders so we could eat when the urge struck us. At the Ranger station the sign said the tide was heading out - a good sign - in case the beach was narrow. It also said four of the 14 boardwalks that take you over the dunes to the beach were closed - as in washed out.
We pulled into #6 and hit the beach and a strong northeast breeze. We set down up against the dune that was so cut by the storms that it towered seven feet above our heads. The beach was still wide but somewhat steep.
We took in all the glorious sights and sounds of the beach - well I did anyway. C. had his ears full of music. Around 2:00 p.m. he said he was supposed to run 50 minutes for his track team today. Well I ran 50 yesterday and don't usually run back-to-back but here was one of those father/son moments you have to live to its fullest and write it down.
I love to run barefoot and agreed to join him. We headed south and were alone on the beach. After 20 minutes we reached an electric fence (on the beach) . Why was there an electric fence on the beach? Well we were within a half mile and in full view of the space shuttle Discovery sitting on the launch pad with its huge fuel tanks on and the scaffolding around the shuttle to prep it for its mid-May launch. It was awesome. I don't think you could get any closer without a NASA pass.
We took it all in and turned back to run back to our chairs. It was a great run with the special effect of cambered footfalls on the beach slopes. I tried to run using the Pose method that Mark is studying today. It wasn't too bad but the soles of my toes are worn down from the friction on the sand. I'll get over it. We had a fun run and C. was kind enough to run at my pace. The calves are mighty sore from the cambered barefoot run but a good stretch helped.
On the way home we stopped for snacks at the convenience store. I had a Haagan Daas vanilla chocolate coated ice cream bar with almonds. Yumm.
How was your day?


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Well, I didn't get to have icecream and see the space shuttle, but I had a pretty good anyway. :)

Sounds like a good day for a run. Nice to to the father-son thing too even if it meant a little overtraining. But hey, maybe a little stretch in your plan is good for you, right?

Rachel said...

That sounds beautiful... I haven't been out to Cape Canaveral since moving to Florida, but your post definitely inspires me to get out there. Glad you had such an inspiring run, too-- I can't think of better scenery. And hoagies and Haagen-dazs sound like a good reward.

Brendan said...

I went to the beach and had ice cream with my kids, too. The beach was in Rochester, NY, and the temperature was about 40 degrees with a strong onshore breeze making it feel much colder.
On the other hand, the ice cream was Abbott's Custard, the best ice cream in the world.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Here - No icecream, no beach, no barefoot run *sigh*. Ack we even had snow this morning. But heh, sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Mark I. said...

What a lovely day! My day was terrific. Thanks for asking. :)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

no run, no icecream *sigh*

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

oops didn't realize I had already signed....silly me.