Mad blogger

So I ran twice this week, wrote up my accounts and Blogger ate them. Grrr.
Tomorrow I had to decide between the Doggy Run or a long run through the Winter Park Vias. My dogs would rather attack other dogs than run so I'll go long. Then I plan to attend installation ceremonies for the president at Rachel's college. Maybe I'll see her there - looking all glamorous and fit, but maybe with a sore neck.
I've signed up for a 5K race next weekend around the lakes. It's a sandy trail course under old oak trees with drooping clumps of hanging Spanish moss, which is typical of trails in Florida - lots of sand. I've never run it before but am looking forward to it.
I'm going to hit Publish Post now and hope for the best.


susan said...

Blogger has been incredibly nasty lately. Your race next weekend sounds like a beautiful run. Thanks for your good wishes about mine today.

frolicking filly said...

hey it worked, sounds like an awesome run,, take some pictures:)

Rachel said...

blogger's been eating my posts lately too, grr... i didn't know you'd be at the installation or i would have looked for you instead of grabbing some pastries and taking off...