Thanks. I needed that.

After a week of Runner Susan-sympathetic lethargy I was glad to go out and run 10 miles this morning. I almost didn't make it.

I cracked an eye at 6:36. I closed the eye. I thought about how nice bed was; whether I could still make it by 7:00. At 6:37 I decided I would turn into a fruitcake if I didn't get up. I hate fruitcake.

In 5K speed I was dressed, had the Zippfizz packed on ice and a banana in my hand. I was out the door and on my way.

First sight I see on the Avenue is Jack showing off his 1st Place age group trophy to 2nd Place age group finisher Bob (different age groups). Jack said he might still strap his award around the Mercedes logo on the hood of his car.

19 runners started off this morning as a group. Roll call would be too much text for the blog (I have my limits) so let's hit the highlights:
  1. Christy made her long-awaited return to the team after a stunning NYC Marathon. I spent as much time as I could picking her memory for the highlights. She says she may never run another marathon because nothing could top New York. I might have to agree with her.
  2. Chris was starting with us after doing 10 miles beforehand. He seems to have a sleep problem and solves it by running. That doesn't really solve it but it's what he does. If you're looking to buy a dialysis machine Chris is taking offers.
  3. Brian "greatest Central Florida high school runner in history" J. (and my neighbor) was out again and, fortunately, had a pack of fasties standing by to whisk him away.
  4. Jack showed me some good form and stamina. Off his superb half last week, he's running the full 10-mile circuit with speed and confidence. I noticed him only take one shortcut.
  5. Ed ran so fast that I completely lost track of him after 4 miles.
  6. John, Jurgen, Russ and I ran together until six miles when Jurgen peeled off with Christy for the shorter seven mile route.
  7. John and Russ are on the same Higdon training plan for the same race (Disney) so they compared notes and I implored Russ to share his previous experiences at Disney with John.

I pulled back onto the Avenue after the 10 and felt just great. 1:39 time and hungry. I stretched, changed and went up to the Briar Patch to eat eggs Benedict and tip my waiter 30%. Hey, he's going to Greece for five weeks (school, you know) and needs some travelling money.


Darrell said...

I guess it is that time of year when we all get hit with a little bit of the runner lethargy.

Getting a good breakfast is a pretty cool way of making the waiter work a little for his spending money. Seems like a win-win to me.

Anonymous said...

Good coverage, Dylan. Some correction and amplification:

1. Jack did not bring his trophy. That would be gross. He simply was a good samaratin bringing Bob his award which I chritably picked up for him at Track Shack. What's the wisdom? Oh yeah, no good deed goes unpunished!

2. The Big Boy and Gir; Group included a number of other running luminaries, including Jon Hughes (the Founder of the Sunday Running Group 30 years ago. A number of the stalwarts of yesteryear who were there follows: Corrie Downing, Kim Streit, Claudia Casson, etc.
3. Mike and Liz were new arrivals. Mike Armstrong and Jon Hughes were competitors in High School. (Mike from Bishop Moore and Jon from Winter Park.)

Joe said...

You have a cool group...the comraderie is very neat.

Hope everything settled down from the finding of the body.

Jank said...

I, opted for the sleepin' in and the french toast.

Glad you made it out; great to hear about warmer weather.

Maddy said...

Every now and then I wish I was still living near Lake Killarney - I would join your crew on Park Avenue.

Heck, sometimes I tempted to drive over and meet up anyway.

It sounds like a lot of fun!

peter said...

I remember those days, meeting up with a group on the weekend just to run somewhere 10 miles off and then retire to breakfast somewhere. The good old informal days, before formal training groups. I was in Orlando on Sunday (at WDW) and you have some nice December weather to run in. How could bed win out when it's 60 degrees? Now here in DC, when it's 29 degrees, I understand (but don't condone) it.

Unknown said...

Good choice to do the 10 rather than be a fruitcake. I can think of a time or two that I have taken the fruitcake option.

Rich said...

Can I play too?

Would you like fries with that? That'll be 30%.

Home exchange said...

Heh heh a 30% tip, very generous! Sounds like you're having a lot of fun!

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James Massingill said...

Every now and then I wish I was still living near Lake Killarney - I would join your crew on Park Avenue. Heck, sometimes I tempted to drive over and meet up anyway. It sounds like a lot of fun!