Break Out

The weather was kind enough to be mild (60) Friday morning and dry so I took off to build up the long run lengths again - this time around the lake for 6 miles. If I keep to plan I'll add a mile each week until ... when was I going to race long again? Oh, yes: February.
Well the run was pleasant enough and there were only slight twinges in the left toes, towards the end of the route, so I accomplished the mission. I also excreted numerous bad toxins I associate with the too-many cookies and sweets and adult beverages being brandished about.
I'm happy for the holiday time although I feel a little underfulfilled about something or another and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe I'll try using my toes.


Phew. Got That One In

I'm not accustomed to this slower time of the year. I usually work 24/7 through the month of December but my new job takes breaks when kids are out of school so - I CAN RUN MORE, eat more, watch more TV and generally recharge for 2005.
In keeping with that plan I went out for a run in the perfect low 50s conditions. I was surprised to see so many other runners out at 600 because they're either earlier on the roads or running in numbers on running club weekend long runs. I was passed or caught up to no less than 4 other folks this morning and I could feel my race tempo kicking in. Fortunately for me it wasn't a race because I had very little to give and my left foot toes were hurting. I trace the cause of the pain back to walking around so much last night at the bowl game in town. Anyway, it was a sloppy 3 .2 mile jog.
I limped to work and dealt with the toes as I usually do when this happens - stretch 'em one way then the clench them the other. By afternoon I'd forgotten they hurt.
Okay - off for 4 days. Let's see if we can run again Friday and Sunday (long-un).
Happy Holidays to any and all readers.


Christmas Wishing

I welcome me to the blog. Hello. How are you? It's about time you showed up, Coach.
So what happened today? Well, I went shopping for my favorite people in the few hours I had. The consequence was another day of not running. It's been a modest and slow recovery from the half marathon 2 weeks ago which was my target race for the year again. It went so much better than the previous years that I'm planning to take on Gasparilla in February. If so, you better get back out and put on some miles, young fella. Okay. But not until it warms up. Like Wednesday.
Enough of that. I feel great. It's time to run.