Father Jack won!

Yes, Jack won his age group by about five minutes this morning. A fine performance by the godfather of the Sunday running group. He'll be rigging some way to mount his trophy on his car hood tonight to show off tomorrow morning.

I ran feeling pretty decent but my time was not up to snuff - 2:03:22. I had an equipment malfunction during mile 5 (shoelace came undone) that cost me my place running with Chris. Ed was with us for awhile too. I saw Seth and John - who smoked it in 1:51! That I beat Seth was an accomplishment.

I placed 31 out of 66 in my age group among 2,248 total finishers. The best part of this race is the beer garden afterwards. It stayed open past noon even though I left at 11.

I plan to go out tomorrow morning for some more running in what are pretty nice conditions in the high 50s/low 60s.


Maddy said...

I was hoping to see you this morning. I was sorry to have missed you.

You ran a great time. I did not fare as well.

What's your next race?

Neese said...

nice job David, those darn laces, perhaps velcro is the way to go with running shoes!

peter said...

Nice race, and nice time afterwards! I always like to get right to work after a race at restoring my carb deficiency.

jeanne said...

congratulations! sorry about the shoelace malfunction. I actually love it when that happens. It's a nice excuse for a rest!

oh, and I'd KILL for that time. sheesh!

Darrell said...

Not such a bad day at the races, really.

I hope you forgo the velcro. It seems so geriatric.

I'm looking forward to the word press edition of block island. I'll be interested in reading your thoughts on its user friendliness, etc.

Joe said...

Nice race!! 2:03 is nothing to sneeze at.

ratu said...

waw..congratulation!! Nice to know you..