What? Back so fast.

While I have the chance I will just pop on and say I went to run this morning after many too many refreshing cups of beer at the annual neighborhood party yesterday. There was some Man Rule that you can't leave until the keg is dry. I did my fair share.

I was almost late to Park Avenue today but they were still there when I snuck up on them. Of course, that darned Garmin was fussy about synching with satellites again so they left without me while I stared at the stupid bar creep evvvvvvvver so slowly across the watch face.

Then as I started, fasty Kim started too from not too far behind. She wanted to chat since she was running alone. Gentleman that I am, I kept up with her for a mile and a half before I couldn't even talk, much less breathe. Fortunately we caught some slower folks who gave me the excuse to ratchet down.

Ed and I ended up doing the route together, cutting a few corners here and there. When we had reached eight miles Kim caught up to us (on her ninth mile) and pulled us along for a half mile or so until Ed and I keeled over next to a water fountain while she pranced on. Frisky 40 year olds. I'll tell you; they are too much.

Now it's time to prep for the NBA (Magic) playoff game. I may have to have some more of that really good frothy stuff.


Runner Susan said...

Master Rowdy approves of the Man Rule and the posting of stuff 2 days in a row.

peter said...

Frothy stuff should absolutely be a part of a training routine. I think it's the carbs, or the taste, or being a man or the effect.

Ah, you did the Garmin Shuffle. Hang around, hang around, pretending to stretch, finally saying something about "the satellite". Us luddites rue that we are impacted by having to wait around for the skies to clear or something.