Memorial Day Weekend

I seem to remember when I was younger that Memorial Day was the 30th. None of this last Monday stuff. When did that change anyway?

I have been disconnected to the blog for more than usual lately. It has been a time to get the rest of my life in order, to wit:
  1. All three computers went out. Remember? Well the desktop is back and working faster with a new power supply, two new fans a video board and something to make pages load faster. The two laptops are back. I am writing off my favorite Acer laptop that I haven't used since February. It had a pinched wire that was causing it to crash and burn. It seems much better now and I SOOOO prefer its keyboard sensitivity. The HP laptop is still a little crazy. It had the Norton anti-virus hiccup to the registry etc. I'm not working with it because I got all the files I needed off it onto a CD. So ... I am pretty much back in shape communicating with you.
  2. The sprinklers have been faulty for a year. I thought I fixed them but ... not. A guy who fixes them for a living with the school district came over after work, replaced a solenoid and charged me $10. Fixed.
  3. My glasses were so splotchy on the lens that I went to the glasses store and asked what was wrong with them. After a lot of shoulder shrugging as the clerk grilled me on how I might have abused them he pulled my file. I had one day left on the two-year warranty. He replaced them for free; but not until after I had to wear my back-up one-winged "monocle" glasses for a week ... the ones with a very dated prescription. Headaches started the day the new ones came in from the lab. Phew.
  4. The roof was leaking by an overhang, right where the high priced contractor had patched it a year ago. He came and fixed it and the misaligned wooden yard gate - for free.
  5. I got my hair cut.
  6. The pool was so groady I had to go beg for advice from the pool store. Double doses of chlorine shock and an algaecide took care of the yellow and black stuff. The only thing still not right is the Hayward pool floor cleaner. I need to replace some more parts to keep it from stopping at the wall and not turning.

So that's just the non-work part of life away from the blog. We will not venture into the work part but let's just say I wake up at three in the morning thinking about it. Thank goodness it's a three day weekend. I can forget everything. Go for a run. Go for a massage. Do some Sodoku puzzles. Read some blogs. Comment. Salute the fighting forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe.

Happy Memorial Day (whenever it is).


Maddy said...

You've been busy!

Everything has to be in order now, right?

Did you get a run in there too?

Lara said...

Well that's plenty to keep you busy. Wonderful that you were able to get your repairs for free or cheap! Enjoy a restful weekend.

Joe said...

Arrrrrgh. Life is complicated. But the $10 fix of the sprinkler and the free glasses and roof patch help a bit.

Yeah, a salute to all our troops this day. Thank you. That means a lot, David.

Rae said...

I hear you on all the house stuff! My next house is going to be a downtown loft with no maintenance!!

Happy Memorial Day, enjoy that clean pool!!

jeanne said...

happy m day. i SHOULD be doing all that kind of stuff, but i'm so tired from last week...ah, it never ends does it?

Rich said...

House, lawn, pool ... who needs real work when you have all that to take care of?

Darrell said...

Ahh, the beauty of home ownership. Hope you enjoyed the long weekend.