Mrs. T and I had a nice dinner party last night for three couples I have known for years. I grilled the salmon. She spent three days cleaning up the house. A good time was had by all.

I got up at 620 this morning and, despite being tired and disinclined, I drove downtown to run with the crowd. It was a beautiful morning with cool temps in the mid 60s. Sunny and many birds chirping through the traffic noise.

Jane, Charlene, Chris, Dave and Ed were at the start line. We went out slowly and it took me about a quarter mile to get up to speed. I was trailing behind all of them for that distance, talking to myself about how quickly we slip out of form and lose top muscle tone. I also remembered that I hadn't stretched after my last two runs and I could feel it.

After awhile I was okay and enjoying the morning, the company and the run. We stopped at four miles for water and, at five miles, we had to make the decision whether to go a total of 6 or no less than 9.5. I chose the short route believing that there was no valor in going 10 when I had not run in a week. When we got close to the "barn" I picked up speed only to learn that Charlene had to run eight so I fell in for a two mile cool down.

After the run I stretched and, boy, did that hurt. Even now I am stiff and sore. A good sore, you know?

My sister flew in this morning to present at an IBM conference tomorrow so we're kicking back this afternoon, planning our Rhode Island summer. Last weekend I tuned into the sounds of power boats out on the lake. I could hear the slapping of lines against aluminum masts on sailboats somewhere. I put on some sunscreen just to add the smell sense to my summer imaging immersion. I am very ready for a vacation.

And I am also planning ahead for the fall. If I get into the NYC Marathon, fine. But I am definitely going to the Army-Navy game (Mrs. T got the tickets) so it is time to find lodging and make plans for that trip to Baltimore.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I know that loss of muscle tone very well. It goes away faster than you think. I'm still running after mine.

Sounds like a good run, David. Are you planning on New Haven this year or is that too many northerly trips?

Runner Susan said...

If? What's up with that? We all need to channel our energy and we'll all get in.

Jank said...

Go Navy, Beat Arm... wait, sorry, forgot with which side your interests lie...

NYC is absolutely unbelievable, though not quite so cool a place to run on a daily basis as the RI shore.

jeanne said...

after ONE week you lose muscle tone? I am so toast.

Tell mrs. t that cleaning house like that only makes the other women feel inferior... if she left it messy she'd be doing us ALL a favor!

Maddy said...

I hope you had a great time with your sister.

I bet you felt better after running those eight than if you hadn't run at all.

Vacation is right around the corner.

Lara said...

I haven't spent 3 days total cleaning the house this month.

Joe said...

Gee, could we guess it is the end of the school year :-) ???

Hope you had a great weekend and the plans are set.

Go Army.

Neese said...

sounds like you are having a beautiful summer so far!

Rich said...

Summer can't come soon enough! See you in NYC. Think positive!