Running Soothes Stress

I know that by the evidence in my voice. When I reach a high level of stress my voice disappears. Today was a clear example of that. I had to re-record a few voice messages I left because I couldn't get my voice to cooperate. Running bleeds that stress right out of me.
What I need to do is run. My foot felt normal all day. I went for a 20 yard jog tonight in my running shoes and it felt so good. Just shoe-horning my feet into my running shoes felt so good. I am sure there is a word for a man in desperate need of a good time but it escapes me right now. Perhaps I'll think about it on the road tomorrow morning when I go for a run.


Jank said...

Enjoy the road!

Susan said...

Run David, Run.

marathena said...

Running...the ultimate anti-stress, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medication!! You go!!