I am now where you were

I ran the marathon Janury 29. That was almost three weeks ago. Since then I ran once (10 miles) to wring out my last ounce of racing. Last week I ran four miles. I had plans to run on Thursday to follow my "recovery plan" but I trashed it because (a) of an avoided child abduction near a school that was all over the news; (b) because my left foot hurts again in the same place as before the marathon and before Sherlene fixed it; (c) because I just didn't feel that motivated like I suspected was the case with all you late fall marathoners; or (d) all of the above. As you well know, the correct answer is (d).
So what to do about it? Options include ignoring the media, going to see Sherlene for a massage, accepting the lull as mental recovery and having a beer. As you well know I did or scheduled all of those options. I am a little more worried about the foot though. I have been using my "stick" to roll my foot over it in the morning and evening. It's amazing what it loosens up, yet the pain is still in where the stick doesn't reach. Thank goodness I know Sherlene can reach it.
My weight has held fairly steady since the training and race. It's up a pound or two.
What I am really going to enjoy is meeting up with some summertime pals who are coming to Disney World this weekend. I plan on getting together for some fellowship and enjoying the amazing 80 degree sunny weather with them.


Susan said...

Looks like good times, good friends and good wine. Ummm. The way it should be.

Enjoy your time now after the marathon. Take it easy and get lots of massages. It took me months to get back into the swing of things!

My weight shot straight up though, that's not fair!

jeanne said...

Nice analysis. Makes me feel better, for some reason. No, not really. I'm sorry about your foot pain!

looks like fun times. Who's who in the pic? Where in the world is David?

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Ahh, I love "the stick." It's my favorite running gadget. I hope your foot starts feeling better soon.

21st Century Mom said...

Foot pain is an excellent reason not to run for a while. Embrace it!

I also have a stick - love that thing.

Enjoy your time off. You will start running again when you feel the call.

Rae said...

80! We're getting ready for a 27 degree run in the falling snow.

Enjoy your Disney friends!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I use a tennis ball for my foot. I have one by the bed for early in the morning and one under my desk for a few minutes here and there throughout the day.

Have fun at Disney. I so want to go again some day. 80 degrees man I wish I was running Gasparilla this year. *sigh*

susie said...

Ah, that was a fun dinner--great company, food, and weather. Say hi for me, will you?

Christine said...

I could use some 80 degree weather right now!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Ah yes. The post-marathon blues. Otherwise known as the post-marathon splat. Time for new goal, man.

Sorry the foot is acting up again. I always felt that injuries went in a full circle. A little pain, alot of pain, miraculous recovery, more pain, little pain, gone. Seemed to happen to me anyway. Hope it clears up.