Back to Back

Running. Well I'm feeling much better. The back is good. The shoulders work. The legs are just fine. So I eased back into running yesterday with an eaaaaaasy 3-miler and followed that with a swifter 3.2 miler this morning. It's been months since I did a back to back run. As eaaaaasy as yesterday was I hardly felt tired from the mild exercise. In fact, since I fell behind my goal for mileage this month I think i'll lace 'em up again tomorrow to finish the month.
Racing. My next race could be Sunday morning. It'll be right across the street so if I really feel like it I'll do the last minute thing. Training and anticipation-wise I am going to race around the lake trail of Windermere on the 16th. It's just a 5K but that's okay. The race season is winding down here. The heat starts drivng us north with the birds. I really need to look for some races. I'll be in New England the first two weeks of July. Anybody know a good 10K to run? I like scenery and well organized races. If it's far enough (but still close) to Rhode Island I would overnight it just for fun.
Sports. USA 2, Guatemala 0, tonight in World Cup qualifier action down in Birmingham. 38,000+ on hand. That's pretty good. I saw USA beat them in DC at RFK four Septembers ago. It was awesome.
Weather. I ask this only to share with Rachel: Is this weather awesome for running and sunning right now? Wow.
Food. Okay. I finished the mint chocolate chip off and am back on the good eatin' wagon. I still kept my thin trade weight down despite the fatty content.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

That's kinda funny that you talk about birds heading "north for the summer". We always think of them flying south in the winter and then they just reappear in the spring. Hadn't really thought about where they are when the snow is blowing up here.

susan said...

I'll be up in New England, too. If you find a 10K, let me know. And what's this about no more ice cream?

Rachel said...

I definitely have spring fever. I'm glad for all the rain, too, so I can have the Florida lawn without having to stress too mucb about it. It's sad to think that after May, the weather will take a turn for the worst.

My running partner is doing the Windemere 5K on the 16th. I have houseguests, so am going to miss that one. Am planning to do Race for the Trees on April 30th instead.

Glad you're feeling better! I'd like to increase my mileage too but am paranoid I'll start overdoing it.

And I'm particularly partial to Starbucks OR Publix coffee ice cream with java chip... necessary indulgences are a big part of maintaining the thin trade... :)

Mia Goddess said...

Just getting caught up on my reading, and I had to say - the old "eat it until it's gone so it can no longer taunt you" trick, she's a beauty! Oh, some would say they have a strategy for kicking it before they ate the whole thing. They are amateurs! - Mia