Guilt Free Zone

I have officially shut it down for the next week. No running. No guilt. No worries. I set myself the goal of training and running three "winter" races. 5K-15K-12K. I did it. I'm finished. I am resting.
So while I'm sitting here resting let me look at this race calendar.....what to do, what to do? I like the sound of the Windermere race: "5K Run Among the Lakes following the shoreline of the beautiful Butler Chain of Lakes." April 16. Okay.
"de-feet diabetes 5K walk/run" right across the street in Baldwin Park. Close. April 3. Maybe.
"Run for the Trees" 5K through the peacock preserve and "wilderness" of Genius Drive, opened only once a year. Last time it rained like the dickens and the wilderness was more like prime Florida swamp land. April 30. Possible.
Maybe it's time to go to Tampa Bay again. They have a nice Bay to Bay run. I'll have to do some homework. That's why I have the whole week off from running.
March is for baseball spring training, hotdogs and cold beer. The perfect training table for a hard core runner.


susie said...

And you deserve a rest. It's good for the legs and good for the head! Enjoy spring training:)

Rachel said...

Have a great rest-- I'm trying to take it easy, too. Just a light jog yesterday and I stopped when it started to hurt. I'm going to try the Run For the Trees race. When is Bay to Bay? I though that race already happened back in January. That part of Tampa-St Pete is so pretty, though. I was thinking of only doing the one 5K race this spring, but who knows...

Anonymous said...

No resting here, I have another half at the end of April, silly me...Dawn

Frolicking Filly said...

Hey thats cool, I never knew what good march was for :)

Bex said...

Yes, you do deserve a rest. But I can also understand why you're looking towards more races - running can be a (good) addiction! Hey, I'll be in your state for a couple of days next week for work - but I'll be in Miami - if I'm in your neck of the woods sometime I'll give you a shout and maybe we can go for a run.