Phew. Got That One In

I'm not accustomed to this slower time of the year. I usually work 24/7 through the month of December but my new job takes breaks when kids are out of school so - I CAN RUN MORE, eat more, watch more TV and generally recharge for 2005.
In keeping with that plan I went out for a run in the perfect low 50s conditions. I was surprised to see so many other runners out at 600 because they're either earlier on the roads or running in numbers on running club weekend long runs. I was passed or caught up to no less than 4 other folks this morning and I could feel my race tempo kicking in. Fortunately for me it wasn't a race because I had very little to give and my left foot toes were hurting. I trace the cause of the pain back to walking around so much last night at the bowl game in town. Anyway, it was a sloppy 3 .2 mile jog.
I limped to work and dealt with the toes as I usually do when this happens - stretch 'em one way then the clench them the other. By afternoon I'd forgotten they hurt.
Okay - off for 4 days. Let's see if we can run again Friday and Sunday (long-un).
Happy Holidays to any and all readers.

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susie said...

Good for you getting out there. I've not been so diligent. I even turned down a late afternoon walk with my family to avoid the cold. Perhaps tomorrow. I have a cute new running hat to try out:)