Break Out

The weather was kind enough to be mild (60) Friday morning and dry so I took off to build up the long run lengths again - this time around the lake for 6 miles. If I keep to plan I'll add a mile each week until ... when was I going to race long again? Oh, yes: February.
Well the run was pleasant enough and there were only slight twinges in the left toes, towards the end of the route, so I accomplished the mission. I also excreted numerous bad toxins I associate with the too-many cookies and sweets and adult beverages being brandished about.
I'm happy for the holiday time although I feel a little underfulfilled about something or another and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe I'll try using my toes.

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Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Hey, David! Thanks for visiting my blog. Florida? Nice diving down there, not that I'll be there any time soon. :)

What happened with your toes? Bruised from the half? Stress fracture?!