Christmas Wishing

I welcome me to the blog. Hello. How are you? It's about time you showed up, Coach.
So what happened today? Well, I went shopping for my favorite people in the few hours I had. The consequence was another day of not running. It's been a modest and slow recovery from the half marathon 2 weeks ago which was my target race for the year again. It went so much better than the previous years that I'm planning to take on Gasparilla in February. If so, you better get back out and put on some miles, young fella. Okay. But not until it warms up. Like Wednesday.
Enough of that. I feel great. It's time to run.


Rachel said...

Gasparilla's supposed to be a lot of fun. That's cool you did OUC! Looking forward to keeping up with your site.

susie said...

Ahhhh, the bug has bitten:)
Welcome to the RBF! I've put myself on hold until my shins feel better. Today was not a problem since temps hovered around 15 not counting the wind chill factor. I'll be following your progress...run strong:)