For the first time since the Army-Navy Game (December 2), I skipped a long run this weekend. Before that it had been last May 2007 that I didn't run something near or more than 10 miles.

It felt great.

I went to a Tampa Rays-Florida Marlins baseball game in St. Petersburg Saturday night and I didn't get home until midnight. Then I stayed up watching a stupid movie until 2:30 a.m. I am a strong believer in having adequate rest before attempting strenuous efforts like long runs in 80 degree sauna heat.

The Rays won, 4-1 in a good game. The stadium was full up as it was Hispanic Heritage Day or something like that. The stadium PA announcer spoke Spanish all night so I missed out on the free condo giveaways and whatever else he was talking about. Thank goodness the scoreboard was thorough in its game details.


CewTwo said...

Nothing like a good, old basebal game to get a person fired up! Or put to sleep... or find a good $12 hot dog!

That's the fun of running. You can take a dy, or a weekend off, with little consequences.

Take care!

jeanne said...

it's fun staying up late! and stupid movies rock!

Joe said...

Caramba!!! Adios, pelota!!!

I'm sitting here listening to the Rays and the Cubs...announcer said there are more Cub fans than Rays fans...too bad, the Rays are having a great year.

peter said...

I saw a game at Tropicana Field in 2004. It rained cats and dogs and it sounded like, well, rain on a tin roof. Meb was in the crowd and no one knew his name when the announcer introduced him. Everyone sayt there politely until the announcer said he'd just come home with silver from the Olympics and everyone then cheered wildly. I didn't even get to the stadium til the 4th inning, mad at the delay, but an usher gave me her free ticket! They are so nice down there! (Surprise, the Devil Rays lost.)