Show me the money

The weather outside is just about perfect for running. I only got one run in last week but my legs felt remarkably good after going six miles Wednesday morning. Today it took too long for the Garmin to find satellites (is that because I have all my runs since December stored in the Garmin?) and the crowd took off and got about a half mile ahead of me before I could move.

I caught up to the slowest trio of runners three times. Once when they took a water break, again after I stopped to walk and talk with an old friend out walking her dog; and finally after they took a shortcut and I caught them again.

I went 12.5 miles this morning just to see if I could. I could. Felt good. I think I will start banking some long runs before I start training for Chicago. The fasties I see on Sundays are already doing 20 milers for a race in July. That's some serious base.

Show me the money!! Okay. You know how when you run, invariably you are going to see some loose change lying on the road. I mean, it happens, right? It does to me all the time. My question to you --- Do you stop to pick up loose change?

A. 0-50% of the time
B. 50-90% of the time
C 90-99% of the time
D. Every time!


Just12Finish said...

A. I haven't had your luck yet. Change, what change?!

21stCenturyMom said...

Only if it's a bill. Coins - no. Of course I'm running WAY too fast to stop *chortle*

Joe said...

I'm pretty sure the quantity of data stored in the Garmin has nothing to do with its acquisition time of satellite signals. It is all dependent on just where the satellites are the moment you turn on the unit. And what buildings etc are in the way where you are. Less view of the horizon?? Slower acquisition.

And, I vote "A".

jeanne said...

No fair. I NEVER see money! But if I did, even if it was a single PENNY, I would stop and pick it up.

A penny saved....

and nice job on the run this morning. That's some serious mileage on only ONE run this week? How do you DO that?!

Ted said...

Pfftth.. I rarely see coins on the road. If there was a $100 bill lying on the road, I would snag in a seconds.

Maddy said...

I don't carry money with me when I run. I've thought about and I think I maybe should. But not change.

I saw pennies on the 15K race course yesterday, but I didn't stop. I saw a dime in the parking lot when I was headed back to my car, but my hands were full so I left it also.

Way to go on the 12.5 miles yesterday. Of course you could do that - in your sleep!

When do you start training for Chicago? I'm starting in June.

Rae said...

I never see money, either!! Scratched off lotto tickets, but I think that's more of a result of where I live!!!

CewTwo said...

I don't see money, but people are ready for running or bike riding where I like to run in the city. When I run mountain trails, I do pick up trash. I have pulled some large collections of trash off of some trails.

BTW - See you in Chicago on October 12th! It'll be my first full marathon.

peter said...

Dee! I go back for pennies that I pass by. Of course, that kills my pace for that mile but picking up pennies is a part of life, right? Then I carry the penny (pennies) in my next marathon, so it becomes even more than a merely lucky penny, and either give it away to someone special after the race or label it and put it away. The time I found a wheat back penny on a run I was in heaven! (I have this mental image of the person I gave that treasure to spending it at a 7-11 once I was safely out of sight.)

Neese said...


if it's a penny I'd consider it, because I tend to believe in "pennies from heaven"

AddictedToEndorphins said...


I vote A: It`s gotta be worth slowing down my run, bending over and picking it up. Nothing less than a loonie:)

Great job on 12.5 miles. It`s great to learn that you can still do something!:D

Deene said...

i never find money when i run but if i saw a penny i'd pick it up. usually i come out 3 to 11 cents ahead when i walk to work though.

Darrell said...

The great catch up here:
I liked your list from 4/19

The Garmin unlocks your legs somehow?

Put me down for an "A" on the loose change.