Redemption of a sort

It was a cool 66 out there at 6 a.m. so I laced up to put yesterday's tragedy in my rear view. I opted to Galloway over Ironman so went out for an 11 x 1 mile jog. Every mile I walked a minute and it all came out to my satisfaction. My legs felt much better.

Once home I stretched, showered and slipped back into bed for an extra hour of sleep. When Mrs. T woke up she noticed I had been out of bed for a little while and asked how long. I said, "Eleven miles worth."

"Really?" she replied. She barely noticed.

Fly your flag today. Make sure it's facing the right way if hung. Flag Police are out with radar.


Runner Susan said...

I am in much need of redemption . . . I ran three today . . . not eleven . . . how will I ever pace you if I can't run a marathon?

Joe said...

Yeah, the run/walk can be restorative. Nice early outing.

Jeff said...

I love the Galloway run/walk method. I ran 11 on trails Sunday, but I needed several walk breaks thanks to the humidity. Deerfly attacks while walking helped encourage me to resume running though! Fortunately they're not yet up to full speed - yet.

For a little fun, consider this a "tag". :-)

jeanne said...

can i do that too?? Why does it always feel like cheating?!?!

I'm sure mrs. t missed every minute you were gone. She just plays coy with you.

I have to run for 60 min tomorrow...and i'm scared. I'm very scared. which seems to have become a permanent state with me! Maybe I will try your method.

peter said...

Whne you're having a bad day, you always cut it short and come back another day. You did it just right.