Good to go

I took my time today. Nobody is here to get in my way or steer me.

At 8 I went out to run 8 miles. I was supposed to do it Thursday but saved it for today. The humidity was very high under drizzly skies and temps in the 70s. My tempo run was not so special through and through but I made it home in 1:20, just under 10 minute miles.

After stretching and a shower it was time to go see Hank for my pre-race massage. Only a three tendon attachment on the inside of my right knee had been nagging me the last month with some soreness that subsided once I warmed up on my runs.

Hank finished on my hips and asked me when I had last run. I told him about an hour ago and he said he would have never known. He found my hips in good shape and strong. After he had finished the rest of my legs he predicted a good race for me next Sunday.

Tomorrow I'll put down 10-12 miles with the Sunday gang. I wish the rain would stop. There's a front sliding in and out of our area that is mild and wet.

How does Runner Susan get 500 hook-ups for notification? That is boggling or she's trying to make me look bad. I will have my turn this weekend.


Rae said...

I can't believe the NYC marathon is just a week away!! You're going to do greaT!

Jank said...

Cannot wait to hear about your NYC.

The race is great. Absolutely fabulous. Would that I could be there to watch.

Running Chick said...

what scares me is that i actually know the name of the tendon attachment that has been troubling you. that is scary and cool all at the same time. (it's called the pes anserine...good bar trivia.)

and i can't believe the marathon snuck up on me that quick. crazy stuff.

jeanne said...

runner susan is a girl, silly. that's how.