Weather forecast for New York

Fri Nov 2 Sunny 57°/46° 10% chance of rain

Sat Nov 3 Partly Cloudy 59°/47° 10%, Men's Olympic Marathon Qualifying!! and lunch with Runner Susan!!!

Sun Nov 4 Cloudy 63°/51° 10% NYC Marathon! I like it!!

Mon Nov 5 Partly Cloudy 62°/50° 10%

I went out with the Sunday bunch at 7 this morning and there was a good crowd. A few long-time-no-see-'ums and a lot of other runners out on the streets; more so than usual.

I veered off the course at mile 6 to add a mile loop so I could do 12 today. I felt fine. The right knee was still a little sore but with the scaled back week ahead I will have some ibuprofin and rest to heal myself.

My expectations for New York are not anxious ones. I look forward to the experience, meeting and (hopefully) running with Runner Susan to PR together. I definitely look forward to seeing the Olympic Qualifying. I hope it's an easy spectator event to see. I worry a little about being on my feet too much but I think it'll be worth it to see the race.


Runner Susan said...

I reckon that means shorts on marathon day.

PR = Martinis on me.

David said...

I'll get any rounds over the second.

Maddy said...

It looks like the weather will be great for a little run!

and how could you miss the Olympic Qualifier?

Have fun with Runner Susan! Wishing you both an awesome PR!

Rich said...

Hope that weather holds up for you!

Joe said...

should be an awesome weekend. The trials in Central Park should be something not to miss...never mind the "on your feet" time!!

Runner Susan said...

Sunday Nov 4
30% Chance of Rain
Hi: 58°
Lo: 42°

This is what I have on my weather thingy.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck. I know you'll do great.

Lisarscy said...

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