good news. bad news.

The good news is that Runner Susan and I have the same goals for the NYC Marathon. Finish. Near about same time (somewhere in the middle of the fourth hour). Margaritas. That last one is not definite because it is New York, not Tijuana. Either way we have many of the same intentions.

The bad news is the inside of my right knee hurt after my 20 miler two weeks ago and radiated to a very sore ITB after the 15 miler on Sunday and 6x1200s I did Tuesday. I am chewing ibuprofins and delayed my latest 5-mile run until tomorrow. It feels better. I stretch. I roll. I self massage.

I have 20 to do on Sunday. It doesn't hurt too badly once I warm up but it sure is noticeable.

I visit Hank the pneumatic massage specialist next Wednesday. That painful relief cannot come soon enough.

Sports note - have a nice winter Yankees (but don't fire Torre)! Go Rocks and Sox!


21stCenturyMom said...

Fingers crossed that your ITB issue vanishes soon!

Runner Susan said...

maybe I'll get a matching ITB issue and we can walk the marathon together. Should only take 8 or 9 hours?!

Michelle said...


RunderWoman said...

There are plenty of margaritas to be found in NYC! They might cost you more than elsewhere, though!

Darrell said...

Oh, no! Good luck with the IT issue.

I'll put it my 2 cents and say Go Tribe!