Beach Pond

We left Watch Hill early, at 345; just before it started to sprinkle. We made it home and changed for our appointed run.
An hour drive to somewhere never seen. In the rain. On winding two lane roads into the uplands of Connecticut. Crossing the state line twice.
Hot dogs and buns in the cooler. Rain slicker on the seat. Mrs. T and son C in the car, game for an adventure - even if it fizzled.
East on Ten Rod Road (named for the width of the road) from SR49, past the Pizza Inn Restaurant in Voluntown down a sharp hill, across the causeway, back into Rhode Island and over the water of Beach Pond.
Pulled in and waited. Bill called. He's stuck behind an accident. It is still drizzling. We agree to meet back at the restaurant.
Things get better. A small cheese pizza for an appetizer substitutes for hot dog grilling in the rain. The rain stops. Bill joins us. We drive back to Beach Pond just as April Anne arrives.
We say hello. Take proof of attendance pictures (which will appear here when Blogger cooperates) and Bill lays out the run. 20 minutes out one trail - mostly uphill, along a ridge, beyond the pond - then back. Mrs. T takes out a beach chair and settles in to read her book.
Off we go. Up an embankment right at the start that reminded me of trying to run up Turn 2 at the Daytona International Speedway. Quad-burning breath-stealing agony. And April Anne is trying to make small talk. I'm gassed just at the start.
I finally warmed up and caught my breath as we ambled through the woods, following the white blazed trees, skipping over roots, rocks and puddles in the cloudy canopied cover of the Arcadia Preserve. I was finally able to chat back with April Anne. Bill too.
Then the trail blazes turned yellow. Bill?
We crossed a highway and Bill said he knew where we were but not where we expected to be. Okay. I'm with him. More hills. Up. Down. Rocks. Is this Rhode Island or Rock Island? Son C is the smart one now, not allowing himself to train wreck down a hill full of tripware.
After 40 minutes we reach the road again and son C and I take the easy path back to Beach Pond. AA and Bill ramble through the woods some more, then go another 10 minutes back to Connecticut on the road just to put in a good hard 50 minutes.
The men swim. AA smiles. Mrs. T finishes a chapter and we have enjoyed our visit. The raindrops start again and it is time to go.
Since we left so quickly we did not share April Anne's strawberry, cakes and whipped cream dessert. She caught up to us at the Pizza Restaurant and turned it over to us on the grounds that it was too much for her to eat alone. Well I can assure you, it was eaten completely tonight at our house. Thanks AA!!!!
The restaurant was incredible. They had a full menu of exceptional food besides the pizza. I had baked scrod. Mrs. T had fried batterless scallops. So succulent. It was delicious.
Drove home in the dark having completed another successful RBF Run with two great people.


Susan said...

What a wonderful visit . . . I'm confused - was that baked scrod pizza?

SRR said...

The food sounds so yummy!

Rhea said...

Hi, David! Okay, I'm getting jealous that everyone seems to be meeting RBF'ers except me. Of course,it would help if I take time out from traveling for work to do so.

Run for Chocolate said...

Sounds like a great day!

Rae said...

What fun!! Your run sounds fantastic.

Jank said...

Ah, life is indeed good.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

did bill tell you that i said hi?

The Running Red Sox Fan said...

Sounds like you are making the most of your trip and having an amazing time! Good times!